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Hi, my name is Charli. One night, after sleeping wrong I began to experience severe neck pain. I suffered from this constant condition for almost a year before consulting with an M.D. I was told my condition required surgery. I was very opposed to the idea of being cut open and decided to try any alternative form of treatment possible.

My friends Mark and Kandy referred me to Coates Chiropractic four years ago. They are both long-time patients of Dr. Coates and always rave about the gentle, effective care they receive from her. I was skeptical, but desperate to feel better and decided to join them during their next appointment.

After my first week under Chiropractic care I noticed a huge improvement! Once again I was able to enjoy taking long walks and before long I had resumed all my normal activities pain-free. It has been life-altering to have my pain relieved without medication.

I had been scared to be adjusted for nothing! Dr. Coates walked me through what she was doing and helped me stay calm and relaxed. I now receive regular adjustments and feel it keeps me more youthful and active. I highly recommend Dr. Coates to anyone looking for quality care. She is a knowledgeable and trustworthy doctor.


Hi my name is Christin. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc 9 years ago and have been dealing with excessive back pain ever since. I had tried several forms of treatment to decrease the pain, including physical and occupational therapy, electro-stimulation, massage and even pain medication.

Dr. Coates is a regular customer at the bank where I work. After speaking to her about my back issues I decided to come into the office for an adjustment.

After just 3 visits I started to notice some improvement. However, after 5 visits I had full relief from pain. Amazingly I'm now able to once again hike and run without my legs hurting!

Coates Chiropractic has flexible hours and is always quick and easy to get into. My family and friends are excited to see me more energized and feeling better!


Hi, I'm Jana. I have lived with TMJ pain since I was thirteen years old. After a bad dental experience my jaw pain had escalated. My sister regularly visits Dr. Coates' office and she encouraged me to give chiropractic treatment a try.

Honestly, I considered seeing a Chiropractor a long-shot, but was feeling lousy and decided to roll the dice and take a chance. What did I have to lose? It only took about two weeks before I noticed a change! The regular adjustments were lessening the pain and I was suddenly able to tolerate chewing again.

The quick result Dr. Coates delivers is impressive. I'm standing straighter and feeling really good. I always enjoy my office visits. The staff is friendly and making an appointment is quick and easy. Now my teenage son is receiving chiropractic care as well!


My name is Julie. I live in the same neighborhood as Coates Chiropractic. I had always admired the old brick building while driving by and had been looking for a new Chiropractor so I decided to stop in.

I had tried physical therapy, cortisone injections and other chiropractic care to alleviate the pain my spinal stenosis was causing. Nothing seemed to provide much relief.

Surprisingly, I felt better after my first visit with Dr. Coates! And after my second visit I felt a significant amount of positive changes. Suddenly I was back to doing my normal activities again such as cooking and walking.

I really enjoy the no-hassle attitude in the office and especially appreciate Dr. Coates' frank assessment of my condition. Plus, her adjustments last much longer than others I've received in the past. Most of my family is chiropractic-prone, but now even my skeptical husband is a patient of Dr. Coates!


Hi, my name is Mark and I'm one of the biggest fans of chiropractic care you'll ever meet!

I've been plagued by severe heartburn for half of my life (and I'm 50). After a doctor at Good Samaritan hospital told me I needed surgery to correct my digestive issues, I began considering alternative treatment. When I was young my Dad regularly visited a chiropractor and I witnessed the positive changes it made in his life.

I was adjusted by 3 different doctors before receiving care at Coates Chiropractic. At the time, my son was a patient of Dr. Coates and she had been helping him immensely. Unlike the other Chiropractors, Dr. Coates was very gentle and never handled me roughly. I began to notice improvement almost immediately! Soon my bleeding ulcer was gone and I could once again eat the foods I love without experiencing intense heartburn. Receiving regular adjustments also helps me control my allergies, which allows me to enjoy working outdoors or simply playing with the dog.

I sing Dr. Coates praises to anyone who will listen. It has been very rewarding watching my body work more efficiently without having to take a pill or deal with nasty side-effects.

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