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Are you tired of pain? Does your low back pain prevent you from doing the things you love? Do your headaches and neck pain interfere with a productive work day? Does the stiffness in your neck and upper back sap your energy? We can help you! I’ve been there, waiting for these symptoms to get better, and they just don’t. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right and that it needs help. Here at Coates Chiropractic we offer safe and effective techniques to get you feeling good; enabling you to return to the daily activities you enjoy!

Your Tacoma Chiropractor

I love being a chiropractor because it is part of a healthy lifestyle. Along with eating nutritiously and exercising, having myself and family adjusted regularly keeps us all well, active and healthy. Being able to adjust patients and help them return to their normal activities gives me great satisfaction. Helping my patients live a pain free and fulfilling life is my top priority! I take care of the problem and don't make you come for the rest of your life, unless you want to. I would love to be your chiropractor.

Feel Great

Not only does chiropractic help you to get rid of your back pain, neck pain and headaches easily and effectively AND without drugs, but by staying adjusted you may find that you have a higher energy level, you get sick less often, your body just moves better in general and you are able to stay more active. In general, your body will have less dis-ease….it will function with ease, which is what every body WANTS! By keeping all the vertebrae aligned (just like the wheels on your car), they are less likely to wear out or degenerate (arthritis), AND your brain is able to direct your body’s functions more clearly, so you will find that you sleep better, have more energy and just feel better in general!

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Telephone: 253-756-9990

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Beginning March 30th, we will be open MWF, 10-12 and 3-6. No Tuesdays and Thursdays at this time. Thank you!

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